Published Datasets

Passey et al. 2002, J. Geol. 110: 123-140.  Environmental change in the Great Plains: An isotopic record from fossil horses.  

Equid carbon and oxygen isotope data: pdf or excel 

Enamel pretreatment tests: excel.  

Time series of modeled atmospheric CO2 d13C and expected C3, C4, and pure C3- and C4- diet tooth enamel carbon isotope compositions, based on planktonic forams: excel


Passey et al. 2005a, J. Arch. Sci. 32, 1459-1470. Carbon isotope fractionation between diet, breath, and bioapatite in different mammals.   

All animals data: excel.  Summary table: word.


Passey et al. 2005b, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 69, 4101-4116.  Inverse methods for estimating primary input signals from time-averaged intra-tooth isotope profiles.  

Intra-tooth profiles of hippopotamus and rabbit incisors: excel


Passey and Cerling 2006, Chem. Geol. 235, 238-259.  In situ stable isotope analysis (d13C, d18O) of very small teeth using laser ablation GC/IRMS.   

Laser versus conventional H3PO4 comparison table: excel.  

Intra-tooth isotope profiles of marmot and rabbit incisors: excel.


Passey et al., 2009, EPSL 277, 443-452.  Strengthened East Asian summer monsoons during a period of high-latitude warmth?  Isotopic evidence from Mio-Pliocene fossil mammals and soil carbonates from northern China.

Table S1: Modeled time-series for d13C of atmospheric CO2, C3 plants, C4 plants, soil carbonate, and tooth enamel for the past 20 Ma, based on benthic forams. Passey_2009_Table1.xls

Table S2:  Tooth enamel d13C and d18O values of fossil mammals from northern China. Passey_2009_Table2.xls

Table S3:  Soil carbonate d13C and d18O values from Baode, Shanxi Province, northern China. Passey_2009_Table3.xls

Passey et al., 2010, PNAS 107, 11245-11249.  High-temperature environments of human evolution in East Africa based on bond ordering in paleosol carbonates.

Table S3:  Stable and clumped-isotope compositions of recent soil carbonates from China, Kenya, Ethiopia, and California.  Passey 2010 Table S3.doc

Table S4:  Stable and clumped-isotope compositions of paleosol carbonates from the Turkana Basin, Kenya.  Passey 2010 Table S4.doc

Table S6:  Raw data (Clumped isotope results for heated gases, standards, and samples) (i.e., all data necessary to evaluate the data reduction scheme used in the paper, or to re-evaluate the data according to alternative schemes).  Passey 2010 Table S6.xlx