Current Research Group

Lab Alumni

Ben Passey

Current Research:  
  • Creating new tools for paleoclimate research based on triple oxygen isotopes in lakes, soils, and biogenic carbonates
  • Crustal thermometry based on solid state reordering of C-O bonds in carbonate minerals
  • Deep-time carbon cycle reconstruction using triple oxygen isotopes in biogenic carbonates

Dana Brenner
 (5th year PhD student at Johns Hopkins)

Research Projects:  
  • Experimental characterization of kinetics of solid state C-O reordering in carbonates under wet, high pressure conditions
  • Computational simulation of solid-state reordering kinetics

Ian Winkelstern
 (Postdoc)  (Ian's Website)

Research Projects:  
  • Triple oxygen isotope systematics of lake systems in the midwest and western U.S.
  • Automation of triple oxygen isotope analytical methods

Huanting Hu (PhD, 2016)

Currently a Postdoc at Rice University

Dissertation research at Johns Hopkins:  
  • Development of methods for high-precision triple oxygen isotope analysis of CO2 and carbonates
  • Developing physiologically-, ecologically- and climatically-informed models of triple oxygen isotope compositions of vertebrate body water
  • Reconstructing carbon dioxide levels in deep-time using triple oxygen isotope compositions of dinosaurian eggshells

Haoyuan Ji
 (PhD, 2016)

Currently at Bloomberg Research, New York

Dissertation research at Johns Hopkins: 
  • Development of the triple oxygen isotope method in soil and lacustrine carbonates as a paleoclimate and paleoaridity indicator
  • Modeling biogeochemical cycles and the triple oxygen isotope composition of atmospheric O2

Greg Henkes
 (PhD, 2014)

Now an Assistant Professor at SUNY Stony Brook.  (Greg's Website)

Dissertation research at Johns Hopkins:  
  • Calibration of the carbonate clumped isotope thermometer in mollusks and brachiopods
  • Experimental characterization of kinetics of solid state C-O reordering in biogenic calcite
  • late Paleozoic paleoclimate using clumped isotope thermometry
       Marina Suarez (postdoc, 2009-2011)

       Now an Assistant Professor, University of Texas San Antonio.  (Marina's Website)

        Research projects at Johns Hopkins:
  • Mio-Pliocene evolution of the East Asian monsoon system inferred from the clumped isotope geochemistry of paleosol carbonates
  • Exploring the use of diagenetically-altered bone as a ground temperature thermometer